2020 Themed Halloween Costumes for Pets

Unpredictable is a word that could be used to describe 2020! Although there may not be traditional Halloween festivities this year, there are still a lot of ways to enjoy yourself, including dressing up your pets in Halloween costumes!

It goes without saying that if your furry pal doesn’t do well wearing clothing—just skip this and try something else instead, like making pumpkin treats! However, if your pet doesn’t mind dressing up once in a while, here are some fun ideas for 2020 themed pet costumes!


1 . Carol Baskins or Joe Exotic: Not only will these costumes make your pet #InternetFamous, they’re also easy to achieve! To create a Carol look, put them in a cheetah print shirt, and apply a flower crown or collar. They’ll become “cool cats and kittens” immediately! As for Joe, a blonde mullet wig, sequin shirt, and stuffed tiger accessory will do the trick!



2 . First Responders: This is a sweet way tothank to the nurses and doctors who have dedicated the last several months to saving lives during the pandemic. Plus, we think your dog would look very cute in a set of scrubs!



3 . Characters from your favorite streaming show or movie:We have binge-watched a lot of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ this year! Some of our favorite ideas in this category? Dwight from The Office orBaby Yoda from The Mandalorian!


4 . A Zoom Call: This costume may take some artistic skills to achieve, but it will be worth it! Take a cardboard box and cut out space for your dog tosee through like their own webcam video. Add their name at the bottom, and include photos of other pets on the “webcams” to complete this look! 



5 . Quarantine Chic: Everyone has worn pajamas all year, why not your pet too? You can complete this costume by including accessories like a bag of treats, and a fake laptop!

We know this year has been a stressful one for many, but we hope that you’ll find these costumes to be lighthearted and fun! If you dress up your pet for Halloween, we would love to see the costumes!

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