2021 Word of the Year: Resilience!

Welcome to the New Year! Regardless of the last year’s trials—the beginning of a new year brings new hope into our hearts that 2021 will be a good one.

One great way to focus on creating a positive future is to choose a word that will define your year. You can set goals for yourself or your company around that specific word. After going through a year like 2020, we have a suggestion for the 2021 word of the year: Resilience.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after facing hardships. Don’t you think we could all use a comeback this year?

2020 taught our company many things and helped our team realize just how strong we are! We tackled working-from-home, meeting sales goals, and learning new strategies to help our clients stay connected through a pandemic. It certainly wasn’t an easy year for anyone, but we stayed the course and were able to see light on the other side.In 2021, we look forward to continuing the growth that wouldn’t have been possible without a little bit of struggle. We grew as a company and discovered talents within our team that we didn’t know were there!

How will you define 2021 for your team? One of the best ways you can bring your company back from a stagnant year is to invest in a stronger online presence. If you want to make new connections and strengthen your existing relationships, Little Dog is here to make that happen for you in 2021. We can create social media branding and content, as well as design dynamic websites that make it easier for your target demographic to find you and remain engaged.

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