Family Time with The Little Dog Team

Sometimes you love being together with your family, and sometimes you feel ready for a break from family!  Whether you want to be with your family all the time or like to have breathing space, the people and pets you call family are probably the most important part of your life.  Your family introduces you to the world, teaches values, and influences how we see ourselves being part of the world.  A supportive family is a blessing and helps us learn about love, helps us make decisions, helps us develop good habits, and helps keep us safe.  How has your family influenced your life?

We are sharing summer snapshots of our family members. Take time to remember special times with family and take time to make new memories!

Family Bonding Ideas – Select one or two to try this month!

  • Exercise or Workout Together
  • Go for a Walk After Dinner
  • Pick a Book to Read Together
  • Plan a Day Out Each Month
  • Cook a Meal Together
  • Plan a Picnic
  • Clean the House Together
  • Check Out the Stars
  • Go “Camping” Outside or Inside
  • Sing Karaoke

Some of our Little Dog Pack

Little Dog Team Member:  Shelby
Children: Graham and Immy Jo stopped to take a picture with the wooden highland cow sculptures on the footpath to the William Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland!



Little Dog Team Member:  Melanie
Daughter: Marlia is visiting the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Raleigh, NC!


Little Dog Team Member: Misti
Daughter: Emma pauses at the park prior to her end-of-year dance recital, rocking on the frog.


Little Dog Team Member:  Heather
Grandson: Heather and Bo take a moment from summer fun for a selfie!


Little Dog Team Member:  Kim
Grandchildren: Tucker, Raylee, & Weston are ready for the 4th of July parade!


Little Dog Team Member: Jessica
Family: Jessica, Jon, and Rylee love summer and spending as much time together as possible!


Little Dog Team Member::  Derrica
Children:  Tucker, Raylee, and Weston are sporting our Little Dog Account Groomer in-training shirts!


Little Dog Team Member:  Chris
Daughter: Exciting news!  Jenna was surprised by the proposal!  Now, the wedding planning begins!


Little Dog Team Member:  Big Dog Danielle
Danielle enjoyed Top Golf with some of her family!