Little Dog is Lovin’ Babies

One of our Account Groomers is a new mom! Katie Wilson, pictured below, has given birth to a handsome baby boy named Camden Ray.


          More and more companies are allowing new mothers to bring their babies with them to work in support of a healthy work/life balance. Little Dog Social Media supports this lifestyle balance! We love working with mothers and providing them a safe environment to work and to care for their babies. We are currently hiring for numerous positions, and we encourage all to apply. We will work with your schedule and your bundle of joy to make sure that both your work and home life can be top priorities.

          Here at Little Dog Social Media, we acknowledge the many benefits of allowing new mothers to bring their child with them to work. Some include bonding, higher employee retention, and saving money on childcare. We encourage the increased bonding time mothers will gain by having their newborn next to them while working. We also understand the struggles of finding a nanny and a company that allows enough time off to care for a newborn child. We want our employees to feel appreciated when they come to work, and we hope that they will stick with us for the many years to come.

          Little Dog Social Media is a great place to work that provides a family-friendly environment. We want to encourage a healthy work/life balance, while relieving some stress from our new mothers. Here at Little Dog, we treat our employees like family. We support both work life and home life activities in one loving place!

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