Little Dog Loves Our Intern

Little Dog Loves Our Intern!

For the 2018 summer, Little Dog Social Media hired a full time marketing intern. That intern was me, Aubrey Courtney! I am a recent college graduate from Saint Francis University with a Bachelor of Science degree in both marketing and management. Last summer, I was looking for an internship that was close to home that would provide me with real world experience. That is when I heard about Little Dog Social Media.

I worked all throughout the summer of 2018 and continued to help remotely while away at school. I am now back in the office full time for the 2019 summer. I was able to multitask at school by staying busy with both course work and internship work. That experience alone helped me to prepare for the real world by learning how to juggle many tasks at once. I now feel more confident in my time management skills!

Whether I am inside or outside of the office, I love what I do! I enjoy creating content for clients, as well as being able to have input on marketing campaigns. I am now able to see what goes on behind the scenes as our groomers create posts, videos, and ad campaigns for many different clients. It is incredible to be a part of a locally owned marketing firm that has a presence all across the United States. I consider myself lucky to work with such a fun-loving team that makes coming to work enjoyable! This internship has provided me with unforgettable experience that I will carry with me throughout my future career.


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