Little Dog Supports Detroit Dog Rescue!

It’s not often that our passion for animals collides with our niche market of serving Independent Insurance Agents, but when it does, it’s magical!

We’re proud to share that one of our customers, Janet Peppler, of Peppler Insurance Agency does more than protect families and businesses in her community through excellent coverage, she’s also doing amazing work to protect the dogs of Detroit, Michigan! Janet is the president of Detroit Dog Rescue, a nonprofit that is dedicated to remedying the homeless dog epidemic in Detroit from a no-kill approach. The mission of the Detroit Dog Rescue is to get homeless dogs off the streets and provide them with the training and love needed to become adoptable.

As dog lovers (it’s in our name), Little Dog Social Media felt an immediate connection to Janet’s nonprofit mission. For the second year in a row, we’re excited to donate to the Detroit Dog Mission and be a hole sponsor in their annual golf tournament. The Peppler Agency works directly with Account Groomer Mary Beth for their social media needs. She is shown with the box of dog goodies we included when we mailed our donation check!

If like us, you feel passionate about saving stray animals, take a moment to visit the Detroit Dog Rescue’s website to see how you can get involved! There is also an easy way to donate online.