Make a Splash this summer! Dog and kid-friendly water activities to enjoy this season

It’s almost the (unofficial) start of summertime! While many states are opening back up again, your family might still be spending more time at home this season. Here are a few ways to have fun and cool-off using the hose in your backyard.


Water guns, but with a twist! Water guns are a cheap and easy way to get everyone involved with water play. Even though your dog can’t hold a super soaker, we’re sure they’ll enjoy being cooled off with the gentle spray. To mix it up, have your family wear plain white t-shirts and add some food coloring to your water guns! You’ll easily be able to see who won the backyard water battle!


This pool is great for dogs because it’s puncture-proof, portable, and doesn’t require inflating! It may be geared towards your four-legged kids, but the ones with two legs will enjoy jumping in with their furry friend.

Another great way to cool off and have fun with your family is this dog-friendly sprinkler!
It’s great for medium-sized dogs and small children to sit and play in.

If you want to get creative with the pre-teens and older children in your home, you can make a slip-n-slide out of a large tarp, or plastic sheeting from your local hardware store. If you use plastic sheeting, it should be at least 6 mil. thickness so it doesn’t rip! We don’t suggest your dog take part in this activity (unless they jump in on their own!), but spraying the hose their way from time to time will probably suit them just fine! If you want to make your homemade slip-n-slide extra slippery, use tear-free baby soap!


We hope your family and your dog have a happy, safe, and healthy summer 2021!

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