Office Holiday Party Ideas During COVID-19

Everyone has had a different office experience during the pandemic. Small businesses with less than ten staff or retail locations may be (almost) back to normal. Others may be working from home for the foreseeable future, and some may be experiencing a little bit of both. This time of year is usually when everyone gathers to celebrate the year’s successes, and take a much-needed break from all of their hard work to have some fun! Here are some tips to treat your staff to something special this season, while still following COVID-19 safety guidelines so no one spends the holidays sick!

If you can, keep your holiday party outdoors

This could be difficult for businesses located in the north, but it’s worth looking into! A farm venue that has a heated barn could be a good alternative to your usual banquet hall. If you still need to use an indoor venue, opt for a larger space where people can better spread out.

Provide customized masks at the door

While this shouldn’t be the only corporate gift your employees receive this year, it is a great way to encourage a safe celebration and add a little swag to your holiday party! It’s also an opportunity to take photos for your company’s social media.

Avoid the buffet

There are plenty of ways to serve a delicious meal without having a standard buffet. You can spread out individual food stations across your party venue so it doesn’t get crowded, or even serve your guests by employing a food truck to serve pre-selected meals! Either way, make sure the hand sanitizer is close by wherever people will be picking up their food.

Go BIG on fun activities

Company morale may have taken a hit during the pandemic.Tough times call for tough decisions and it may not feel the same if coworkers haven’t spent as much time together as they have in the past. Encouraging safe activities that can be done while social distancing will help everyone get into the holiday spirit.A paint and sip class or full office scavenger hunt are just two ideas that will make employees let loose and feel valued this year.

No matter what transitions you’ve made during 2020, we hope that your business will thrive in 2021! If you need help connecting with potential clients online, Little Dog Social Media is here to help!

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