Can my dog eat from the Thanksgiving table? What you can and can not allow your pet to eat this holiday.

If you have a dog, you’re familiar with the puppy-dog eyes that suddenly appear when everyone sits down to enjoy a meal at the dinner table. You may even have a hound who is bold enough to hop up on the table and take a bite if nobody is looking! If you are likely to throw some scraps of your holiday meal into your dog’s bowl at the end of the day, here is what you should know about healthy and potentially toxic choices for your dog!

The Good:

Turkey: A No-brainer! Turkey has protein and is a lean meat. A few cuts of roasted turkey with the skin removed is a great way to let your dog know you’re thankful for them!

Sweet Potatoes: Your dog can happily enjoy sweet potatoes on thanksgiving. Just remember to remove the marshmallows and drain any excess butter before letting them dig in. Moderation is always the key when treating your dog!

Carrots:Root vegetables like carrots are a great addition to your dog’s diet. We suggest throwing them a whole carrot to keep them occupied while you cook! It has a similar soothing effect of chewing on a bone.

Corn: A basic component of most dog food brands, anyway. This is an easy food to let your dog chomp on while everyone enjoys their meal. We suggest removing it from the cob first!

The Bad

Raw Fat, Turkey Skins: Some used to believe that giving your dog fat trimmings made their coat look shiny and healthy. This is simply not true. Always make sure the meat is fully cooked and free from excess fat before giving it to your best friend.

Onions: Every part of an onion plant is toxic to your dog! Never give your dog raw or cooked onions.

Raisins: While you might not think of raisins during thanksgiving—any stuffing or salad containing raisins/grapes should be kept out of reach for your dog! Raisins are highly toxic, and can even be fatal.

Ham: unlike your lean turkey meat, ham is very high in fat, and far too salty for your dog to eat! The large quantity of salt in ham can not only cause a terrible stomach ache but can even lead to pancreatitis.

Steering clear of dangerous foods like the ones listed above will help everyone in your family, including your pets, enjoy a great Thanksgiving! We hope that you have a safe and healthy holiday season!

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