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Meet the owner and the Big Dog!

Danielle Willetts

Meet the packs that make the Social Media magic happen!

At Little Dog, all staff are part of a “pack” named from one of our favorite breeds! Just like our canine counterparts, our company thrives because we work together to reach our common goal of growing your business online.

The Bull Dogs are Little Dog Social Media’s administrative and business development pack! Their primary focus is day-to-day operations, in house brand management, and new business development. They eat, sleep, and breathe anything and everything related to Little Dog.

The Poodle Pack serves our clients in the North East region. If their name doesn’t give it away, this pack always shows up excited and eager to please!

The Labs are a pack of dedicated groomers that handle client profiles all across the map, including all of our West Coast customers. As loyal as they come, the members of the Labs are always on-time and ready to take on the next challenge!

The Collie Pack is devoted to our wonderful clients in the Midwest and Eastern regions! Their sweet nature, and attention to detail never goes unnoticed.

Known for their spunk and sense of flair, the Doxie Pack serves up amazing content for our clients in the Mid Atlantic! They’re a tight-knit pack that is always willing to lend a helping hand.