The team at Little Dog is a group of hardworking, detail-oriented Account Groomers who bring their unique set of talents to our company to help your business thrive. Our focus is building lasting relationships with clients from across the nation, and having a deep understanding of your goals so you can achieve them!

The best part about our team is our dedication to helping each other succeed! We are constantly creating content, developing processes, and learning new strategies that influence the client experience. Every website, social media post, and quick reply to a review is because many “paws” behind the scenes are working together in perfect unison!

Meet the friendly faces who monitor your social media every day—even weekends and holidays!

A Quick Look at our Growth!

Little Dog Social Media becomes international!
We acquired a new client in Ireland - Foynes
Flying Boat & Maritime Museum.
Our 30+ employees continue to work remotely, and
our business continues to grow - expanding into
new states across the country! Welcome Kansas,
Montana and Idaho!
The beginning of the pandemic! Our staff adjusted to
working from home during Covid-19. We stayed very
busy helping agents create and/or maintain a
digital footprint in this new normal.
We have 30+ employees and have social media
clients in 38 states across the country!
It was time to tackle the west coast!
We now have active customers on the west
coast and have 35 employees!
We expanded our office onto the first floor of our building!
We now have 25 employees and 500 active customers!
Our customer footprint moved across the Mississippi River!
We continue to grow and expand our business.
We reached a milestone of 250 active customers!
Our growth has created jobs in our town!
We now have 15 employees!
We are off to the races! Little Dog Social Media was founded!