Reputation_Management 2024

Reputation Management

Growing your business in a digital world can be difficult! The general public has constant access to information about your business, but they also have unlimited opportunities to post negative information without having to prove it’s true. So how do you take back control of your business’s reputation online? It’s simple! Let Little Dog Social Media be your eyes and ears on the web.

There are several ways we approach your online reputation management. It all begins with closely monitoring your company name online- so anything and everything that mentions your name, we’ll know about it!

First: Encourage good!

We build a positive online reputation for your business by engaging directly with posts that give your company praise! Just like giving your dog a treat when they do a trick, we reply, and even spotlight complimentary posts so potential clients can’t miss your good work! Everyone wants to feel important, so taking the time to be responsive and thankful goes a long way. This type of engagement is contagious, making others want to share their great experiences too!

Second: Squash the bad.

What about customers who aren’t so easy to please? The internet is filled with those who feel validated by putting unfair, or untrue content online. Don’t worry, we know just how to suppress their bark. There are three different approaches to how we handle negative content.

A) Identify and sympathize. Everyone has an off day, and sometimes a negative reviewer expresses that although they’ve had positive experiences in the past, they didn’t enjoy their service this time around. In these cases we respond gently and recognize the reviewers feelings, turning a negative experience into a positive one.

B) Educate and Invite. Some negative reviews are based on misinformation, or a misunderstanding during service. We take the opportunity to respectfully educate the reviewer on your actual business practices and invite them to check you out again with a better idea of what to expect.

C) Bring the heat. How do you respond to a disgruntled employee or troublemaker trying to bring your business down? You expose them for what they are. If someone decides they want to be a bully, the last thing you should do is allow it to go unpunished.

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