Capturing Social Media Friendly Photos of Your Staff

As social media marketers, it’s our job to make you look good online—and we take our job very seriously! Since we serve clients across the United States, we can’t always be there to capture amazing photos of your company. When we ask you to send us photos of your office or staff, here are a few tips to help you look your best:

1. Schedule a photo day so everyone is on board. Designate a day of the month that everyone knows is picture day! This can be an action item included during an all-staff meeting, or just a specific day that everyone knows to be dressed to impress.

2. Color Coordinate. This is a big one. When you plan to take company photos, try to make some guidelines for what to wear. Ask your staff to shy away from loud colorful patterns, and pick a few complementary hues for everyone to wear. Choosing colors from your company’s logo is also a great idea, but remember: solid, neutral colors will always be in style.

3. When in doubt, take two! Little Dog Social Media designs a lot of online marketing materials for our customers, so providing multiple options is helpful for us and you! Take photos in both portrait and landscape orientation so we can make the needed adjustments for your designs.

4. Have Fun.Do you have an office mascot or a dog that comes to work with its owner? Taking time to capture what makes your company unique will boost engagement on your social media page. Tell the story of your office through photos!

5. Email the largest, clearest files you have.When you’ve finally captured the perfect photos of your staff, be sure to send us large, in-focus photos. If you’ve taken photos on a smartphone, they can be sent directly through the email app. Just remember that once you select the photos you’d like to send, you’ll be prompted to choose a file size for your image. Always choose the largest file size available to ensure your photo looks crystal clear whether it’s viewed on a desktop or mobile phone.


As always, we’re here not only as your social media marketers but as consultants on growing your business in a digital world. If you have any additional questions about taking dynamic photos for social media, please contact your account groomer via email, or call our office at 888-212-0580. If you’d like to learn more about our social media services, fill out our contact form here!


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