Healthy Little Doggers

In the beginning of 2019, the Little Dog team decided to make healthier life choices throughout the year. This was considered our New Year’s resolution for the entire team! Each member has set their own personal goal for the year, while the rest of the team acts as a support system. Here are some recent success stories from a few of our team members:

Elissa: Quit smoking as of January 1st and has lost a total of 11 pounds!

Beth: Underwent weight loss surgery and has lost 84 pounds! She continues to make healthier food choices by stay

ing hydrated and sticking to protein.

Shanna: Improved her diet by adding more fruits and vegetables, while cutting out processed foods and carbonated beverages.

Colby: Has been eating less sugar and watching his carb intake and exercises more.

Ashley: Eating a better diet and drinks more water.

Heather: Watches what she is eating and has stopped drinking soda.

Jesse: Has learned to cook at home more instead of always eating fast food.

Jermey and Nate have both started going the gym

Our Little Dog team understands the importance of a healthy diet. Some of the benefits of a healthy diet include weight loss, improved heart health, lower risk of diabetes, and a better night’s sleep. We encourage one another to stay true to our resolution and help each other to stay on track for a healthier lifestyle!


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