How to keep you and your pooch happy and healthy during COVID-19

How to keep you and your pooch happy and healthy during COVID-19

During these challenging times, it is difficult trying to balance a new routine. Children switching to online classes, you working from home, all while trying to maintain a stable and clean household. But what about our dogs? Our dog’s happiness and health should not be forgotten about, along with our own.

Trying to entertain everyone in the house now takes a little more creativity than before. There are many simple activities that can help you and your dog stay entertained and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these activities include going for a walk, playing fetch, and teaching your dog a new trick!

Going for a walk has been a part of your daily routine and will continue to keep you and your dog on a schedule during this quarantine. It allows you both to get some fresh air, while also relieving some built up stress.

Playing fetch with a ball is a good exercise for the both of you. You and your dog will be able to gain some physical activity by running and throwing a ball time and time again!

Teaching your dog a new trick can be fun for the whole family! You can teach them tricks like “sit,” “speak,” or “roll over” by giving them a treat. Everyone then can take turns giving the demands and returning them with a treat.

These are just three of many simple activities that you can do with your dog to keep them entertained during these times. If you and your family come up with other ideas on how to keep dogs happy and healthy during COVID-19, leave us a comment below!

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