Keep Your Pup Warm This Winter!

During the winter months, it is very important to keep your pets healthy and warm. As the temperature drops, so does a dog’s tolerance for cold. Whether you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or an area with mild temperatures and rain, follow these tips to make sure that your pet has everything they need to get through the winter!

  1. Provide them with a cozy place to sleep.
    • Whether it is a comfy bed in the living room, a spot on your bed, or a heated dog house- make sure that your dog has a warm, dry place to curl up.
  1. Get them a warm sweater or jacket.
    • A little extra protection in addition to your dog’s natural coat can protect them from winter chill. Not to mention, your dog will look absolutely adorable!
  1. Protect their paws!
    • A dog’s bare paws can become frostbitten from walking on ice and snow. Make sure to check your pup’s paws every time they return home from outside. If your dog’s paws become cracked or dry, contact your veterinarian about a dog-safe moisturizer.
  1. Stay indoors when possible.
    • Outside of walks and potty breaks, try to keep your furry friend inside as much as possible. Try to schedule play time throughout the day so that they don’t get restless.
  1. Give them lots of cuddles!
    • The cold weather gives you the perfect excuse to curl up with your fur babies. Grab a blanket, put on a great movie, and get your cuddle on!

Some breeds may be more tolerant to cold than others. Keep your dogs breed in mind when following these tips. We hope that you and your pets have a warm and wonderful winter!

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