The Clenny Agency Testimonial

Little Dog Content helps your business GROW!

At Little Dog Social Media, our biggest focus is helping your business create a brand that resonates with potential customers. The content we post to your social media is one of the most important ingredients in our formula for your success! There are plenty of types of content that make a cohesive social media account, but you would be lost without these three:

Informative Content shows potential clients you are an expert in your field. It is helpful information about your business that your followers could use themselves.

Engaging Content is anything that makes your followers want to participate by sharing, commenting, or pressing that “like” button! Contests and memes are two examples of engaging content

Action Based Content should get your followers to make a purchase, or reach out for your services. It can anything from be sharing a new product to announcing an event, but it always includes a call to action.

Recently, Account Groomer Heather created an action-based post for a client that made a splash!

Heather created a post for one of our independent insurance agents that congratulated a staff member on an accomplishment in her certification, and added a call to action at the end that said:
“If you need life insurance she will be happy to assist you in obtaining a policy that is right for you!” From this single post, the agent wrote 15 life insurance quotes!  Smart social media moves did the heavy lifting for this client. All she had to do was seal the deal!

Heather’s story is just one of the hundreds of how we make a difference for our customers!  If you want to learn more about how we can help your company grow online so your profits grow offline, visit


Little Dog Social Media is a team of social media marketers and website designers located in Cumberland, Maryland. We specialize in content creation and online reputation management for independently owned businesses across multiple industries. For additional information about the services we provide, please visit or call (888) 212-0580.

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