We're helping clients stay connected during COVID-19

Little Dog helps businesses remain connected to clients during COVID-19

Our mission at Little Dog has always been to connect our clients with the people who need them. We realize now, more than ever, our mission is essential. Since the beginning of the crisis in our country, social media and email marketing has become the primary way to reach target audiences and rapidly spread important information.

Like many businesses across the nation, we understand what it’s like to face struggles we never knew we would have to face. Our offices are closed and all of our account groomers are suddenly working from home, in some cases while taking on the responsibility of children’s education, as well. Through all of these new challenges, we can’t help but feel abundant blessings. Our staff remains safe and still has the ability to provide for their families. We are doing our best to help our clients feel this same sense of security in an uncertain time. We are constantly communicating on their channels to ensure their followers are well-informed and feel connected to them in a meaningful way.

So far, our ever-evolving COVID-19 social media strategies have provided great results for our clients. Many have seen positive changes in their analytics, and others have even seen an increase in referrals and insurance quotes. We recently helped a client by creating a bulk email to tell his customers about life insurance. Within a few hours, our client reported that his phone was ringing off the hook! He was able to write two new policies, quote four more, and had multiple other inquires!

We love this story because our client was able to remain profitable, and take care of his own staff—but even more because he was able to provide much-needed peace-of-mind to the people who needed him!

If you would like to help your followers better understand the changes your business is going through during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can connect with your account groomer through email, or by calling their phone number in their email signature.

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