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Little Dog’s Holiday Cheer!

At Little Dog Social Media, we love a good celebration! The holiday season gives us plenty of opportunities to go BIG on cheer and fun festivities! Every year we kick-off the holidays with Little Dog Thanksgiving and find small ways to “play hard” through-out December. We have an exceptional team who works hard and enjoys giving back to others, so we must celebrate all that the year has given us.

For both Thanksgiving and Christmas, Big Dog Danielle treats the team to a catered lunch, where even the smallest members of the little dog family are welcome. We encourage our new moms to bring their little ones to enjoy this day with all of us! Everyone joins together for a delicious meal and to share what they’re thankful for, or looking forward to this season.

When the month of December rolls around, every Friday becomes hot cocoa day! Account Groomers gather in the afternoon to warm up with their favorite mug. We provide everything from marshmallows to candy canes to make the perfect cup of hot cocoa! While fuzzy socks aren’t required for this afternoon gathering, they’re definitely encouraged. Everyone loves to show off their comfy, cute, and outrageous holiday socks!

As Christmas gets closer, Little Dog holds our annual cookie exchange! Everyone bakes their favorite batch of cookies for the whole office to enjoy. It’s one of our favorite days of the year.  The only event to top this sweet tradition is our annual Christmas Jingle! Everyone fills out a questionnaire before they are given a member of the team to shop for. During our annual Christmas Luncheon, we each take turns surprising our Secret Santa with their gift!

Little Dog Social Media believes that holidays should be celebrated with coworkers just as much as they’re celebrated with family and friends. We all enjoy each other’s company and making holiday memories that will last forever.


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