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Little Dog Social Media Employee Spotlight – Jessica C.

Jessica C. has been an Account Groomer with Little Dog Social Media for a little over 4 years! She is such a valued part of our team. Jessica hit it off with Melanie and Danielle right away during her interview and was hired on the spot! She now manages a total of 34 customers, spanning across Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, and California! Jessica adores ALL of her customers! Her favorite part of her job is being able to help her customers and bring a smile to their faces! Jessica is also known as our “likes queen”. She has run several likes campaigns over the years, and all get great results! She said “the trick is finding a cute video, something usually with puppies because of course everyone loves puppies – and finding a catchy or punny phrase to go with the post, something that makes people smile or laugh when they see the ad!”


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When Jessica is not working on her customers 𝒶𝓌ℯ𝓈ℴ𝓂ℯ posts, she’s being a mama to her 5-year-old daughter, Rylee, and a fur mama to her 2 dogs, Ducky and Bear, and her 3 cats, Mouse, Foxy and Lana! Jessica thoroughly enjoys dedicating time to her family, engaging in activities like taking a daily stroll or swimming together!

We want to thank Jessica for all of her hard work and dedication to Little Dog and her customers! She is such a hard worker and truly an inspiration to all. From being an account groomer, to being a mom. Jessica does it all and does it fantastically! We can’t wait to celebrate all of your future successes with you!