Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks This Spring

With spring currently in full bloom, you have probably started spending a lot more time outdoors with your pets. Unfortunately, more time outside means more exposure to fleas and ticks. If your pet is not properly protected, these troublesome pests can cause serious health issues such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Here are the best ways to protect your pets this spring:

  1. Use year-round preventative measures such as a flea collar or topical ointment. Check in with your vet for the best recommendations for your individual needs.
  2. Do a tick-check each time your pet comes back in from playing outside. Make sure to check their ears, armpits, and tail.
  3. Groom your pet regularly and keep an eye-out for any external parasites or skin inflammation while you do so.
  4. Keep your yard clean by mowing the grass, raking leaves, and removing any brush. Fleas prefer warm, shady areas and tend to hide out in tall grass.
  5. Visit your veterinarian regularly. Your vet can check for signs of parasites and provide an expert opinion on how well your preventative product is working.

Spring is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the fresh air with your pet. Don’t let fleas and ticks rain on your parade! Follow these tips to keep your pets happy and healthy all season long.

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