puppy love

Puppy Love

At Little Dog Social Media, dogs are some of our most favorite “people” to be around! We love it when our staff members bring in their furry friends for the whole staff to meet. Throughout the day, we enjoy warm kisses and an extra paw to help around the office!

Some of our pooches include Dexter, Tinkerbell, and Buddy! We encourage all of our employees to bring their four legged friends to work, because what is better than having furry friends in the office for a day?








Dexter                                   Buddy                              Tinkerbell

Not only do we have a dog family within our office, we also have one outside of the office with our clients! We encourage our clients to send us pictures of their pooches so that we can showcase them on our website! We love all furry friends, whether they are near or far.

To check out more pictures of our dog family, check out our website and Facebook page!



Trust us…you won’t regret looking!

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