Summer Time Reminders For Pets

Summer Time Reminders For Pets

As summer is quickly approaching, we want to remind everyone of the dangers of leaving pets inside of unattended vehicles. Every year, many dogs suffer and die from the extreme heat of being left behind inside of a vehicle. Temperatures rise quickly inside of a vehicle, and it is important to know the risks.


With temperatures rising to extreme levels inside of vehicles, dogs can become overheated and suffer from a heatstroke. Some of the symptoms of heatstroke include thick saliva, panting, excessive thirst, vomiting, and fever. The immediate procedure for any of these symptoms would be to get your dog into an air-conditioned area. Then, the following step would be to get to the nearest veterinarian so that your dog can receive medical attention.

Brain Damage

Not only can dogs suffer from a heatstroke, they can also develop brain damage. Dogs and all other pets can suffer from both a heatstroke and brain damage after just 15 minutes in a hot car. Since there is no cool air reaching them, they begin to excessively pant to try and cool themselves down. Panting can only help so much before the brain begins to lose too much oxygen.

Bystander Procedure

If you happen to witness a dog within an unattended vehicle, take the following actions immediately! The first step is to take note of the vehicle, license plate number, and the type and color of the dog. The second step is to go around to the nearest buildings to try and find the owner. If you are unable to find the owner, call the police. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, remember to stay at the scene to keep an eye on the dog.

Here at Little Dog Social Media, we want to inform everyone about the dangers of leaving your dog in an unattended vehicle during the summer. We all love our pets, and want the best for them. To us and to many, all pets are a part of our family. It is important to treat them like family and to take every precaution to keep them safe and healthy!

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